Hot alignment

Rotary furnace hot alignment BK-4010 A and B

Tyres grinding. Dryer A y C.

Tyres grinding. Piers 1-2. Dryers levelling assistance. Roller levelling and skewing assistance.

In site grinding

Grinding of the calciner B tire.

Technical assistance for leveling rotating equipment.

Rotary dryers measurements and levelling. Rollers level and skewing correction.

Mechanical Inspection of 3 driers.

Girth gear run out and wobbling, roller axis position, alignment measurements.

Mechanical inspection kiln number 2

Diagnosis, conclusion and recommendations. Hot Axis Alignment (direct method), girth gear run out and wobbling, tyre wobbling and roller axis deflection, shell external topography, roller axis position, tyres and rollers topography, electronic shell test. Tyre migration. FEM for kiln shell, rollers and tyres.