Repair of the new cement mill. Calculation and designs of the girth gear flange welding.

Cálculo y diseño de nuevas soldaduras para brida de corona de accionamiento.

Project revision of the new cement mill structure, verifying seismic condition.

Elevator structure, belt conveyors, hot gases generator, alkalis hopper, travelling crane and filter pipes supports.

Finite element analysis

FEM of the girth gear welds, recommendations to correct them during new mill mounting. New mill from china.

Cold axis alignment measurement after the replacement of tire number 2.

Assistance for moving the rollers to achieve alignment and thrust for the start up.

Finite element analysis to calculate the stress for the different sections of the kiln, to identify

Mediante elementos finitos para identificar zonas de futuras fisuras.

Calculation of the compressor capacity and comparison with other factories for industrial tests for

Obtención del mismo de otra fábrica del grupo para prueba industrial de quemado de fluorita.

Development of technical specifications for tyre replacement.

Pre – selection of tire, shell, and mounting supplier.

Cooling tower: Analysis of causes of recurring corrosion at the top of the tower.

Recommendations for modifications of the spray system.

Study of vibrations in cement separator using finite element.

Project to reinforce the supporting structure and resolve the lack of rigidity.

IIncremental improvements study for kiln number 1.

New inlet seal system, assistance in recovering the girth gear and hot and cold alignment measurements (Phillips). Incorporating axial hydraulic thrust.