Shell external topography measurement, with continuous temperature profile.

Crank shaft Analysis, Roller shaft bending measurement, Stress analysis. Report with the conclusions for Switzerland about the possibility to turn the girth gear. Kiln number 2.

Roller bearing repair assistance.

Roller axis position measurement, and assistance in bearing reparation. Girth gear root clearance measurement.

Technical assistance to repair grate cooler.

Leveling of the cooler beams and cooler grates during assembly. Line 2.

Roller replacement analysis at pier number 3.

Rotary cooler. Specifications and audit for suppliers during its recovery.

Girth gear wobbling and run out measurements.

Roller shaft bending and surface deformation measurement. Kiln number 2.

External shell topography measurement.

Diagnosis and report with the sections of the shell to be replaced. Kiln number 1.

General inspection of kiln number 1.

Tires and girth gear wobling and run out. Roller shaft bending. Diagnosis, conclusions and recommendations.

Bid specifications execution to repair the machines associated to kiln number 1.

pertinentes para la reparación de las máquinas que comprenden la línea de producción número 1

Development of the technical bid specifications

Planning and execution of non-destructive essays in line number 1.

Programing with “extend software’

To simulate and determinate the real capacity of the primary crusher and the additives storage area, with both lines working at the same time.

Simulation, using Extend software

To determine the actual capacity of bagging and palletizing.

Technical-Economic evaluation of full reparation of the kiln

Changing the shell sections with big deformations or cracks. Comprehensive study of kiln stress. Kiln number 1.

Calculations of girth gear of kiln number 2.

Calculation of the transmission system to determine safety factor.

Special Cement Grinding.

Partial participation in the design, supply, work execution and start up that allows the transportation of special cements from raw mill (Line 1) to cement silos and raw silos at 140 tons/ H at 450 meters.

Centralized Station Bulk cargo

Project, determining the most appropriate size of the silos, optimal location, Lay out project and budget.

Bulk Cargo in Silo number 2

Design and implementation at minimum cost and time of the new loading system, with electronic weighing platform, with a capacity of 25 to 30 trucks / day.